Welcome to the games page!
This page will showcase some horror games. I'll only put games here that I've tried myself and consider to be horror in some way. If it isn't horror, I won't share it here. That being said, take a look below and enjoy browsing the list of scary games!

The Penumbra Trilogy

This is a game series by "Frictional Games", most known for their game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". The Penumbra series takes place in an underground industrial area, and has a few varying enemies, such as monster dogs, giant worms, and weird aliens known as the Tuurngait. If you love an immersive, story driven First Person Horror game, then you'll probably love this. Check out the demo first, and if you like it, get it.

Power Drill Massacre

This is a fairly new game, meant to look similar to old horror and slasher films from the 80s. The game is mostly jumpscare, in that the killer chasing after you will come out of nowhere from anywhere - usually around the area called the "Sugar Tunnel." Whenever it appears, the screen flashes all white and a loud sound plays. If you manage to escape you'll be fine and the sounds will go away - otherwise, you're greeted with a death screen and animation. Check this game out if you love jumpscare type games, or if you love things that look and feel a bit old school.

I Remember This Dream

Another fairly new game, this one doesn't have a storyline; the indiedb page for it simply says "'I Remember This Dream' is a first person survival horror game which takes place in a winter forest." This game focuses more on atmosphere from what I can tell and seems to do a decent job at it. It's free, so check it out for yourself and see what you think. If you're more for atmospheric horror this might be enjoyable to you.