Welcome to the music page!
This page will showcase all the music I find that's dark. There are no genre limitations, and the music may cost money; If enough people contact me, I'll make a separate page for free music as well.


Nemertines is a one-man-band from Russia that makes Metal music, usually experimental or Djent. Most, if not all of his singles are free, and his albums are decently priced, usually 7 dollars or less. Want to know a song to start off with? Check out "Pulse, The Song Of Hope". Probably one of his most popular tracks.

Locust Toybox

A one-man-project by a man named David Firth. David Firth is best known for his animations, most notably "Salad Fingers", and on the side, he creates his own music and sells it, here on his bandcamp. His music is arguably like his animations, depending on what you think of them. Give it a listen if you're interested.

Passenger of Shit

If you know what "Happy Hardcore" music is, then consider this group a horrifying version of any song in that genre. It's loud, abrasive, crude and just filled with distorted kicks and vocals of people screaming at high tempos. Out of the music listed on this page, this group (and record label in general, for that matter) is probably the most horrifying when it comes to the sound itself. Definitely one hell of a trip, and the artwork and music is definitely fucked up, to say the least. The link above is directly bringing you to Passenger of Shit's third album, "Passenger of Shit 3."