Welcome to the Sites page!
This page will be filled with descriptions of websites and links to them. The sites on this page vary in content and style, but all are at the very least strange. Some of these sites may be unnerving and creepy to you - others may simply be amusing. Decide what it is for yourself.

Shaye Saint John's Website

Shaye Saint John was a fictional character created by (now deceased) Eric Fournier.
Shaye Saint John's story is that she was a hot model that had gotten into a severe car crash, and now wears a mask and has Prosthetic arms and legs. The site is cluttered, and navigation-wise it's a mess. The webpages on the site have various bits of content on them, including autoplaying music and a lot of images. I recommend turning your volume down as some pages can be loud as hell.

The Magibon Website

This site is basically a website dedicated to obsessing over a YouTuber named Magibon.
You can check her out here. It has 3 different pages, 2 are videos, 1 is a repeating clip that shows the words "I'm sorry." There isn't much else to this website but what it shows makes it a strange website to stumble across.

Sentimental Corps

This website has a good amount of content on it. To navigate from the homepage of the website, you click on one of the gifs near the top. Content is mostly videos and music, a majority of the content on most webpages being videos of a lot of weird scenes. There's one page in which all of the music is hosted and is sorted based on release date. Various artists can be found on this page and the oldest albums date back to 1987. The genre of any of these artists is pretty much undefined - it's all weird as hell.

Superbad Website

This is one of those websites that's just weird. Apparently made to be a Web Art Project, this website, designed by Ben Benjamin, holds little to no meaning. The website was launched in 1997 and has been active since. While not creepy (to most, anyway), the website can be considered at the very least strange, and therefore is included on this websites page.

The Cannibal Cafe

This website has been archived since around 2002/2003 but remains live through the web archive. This was a forum site for people with cannibal fetishes. From what I could remember, this site was mostly just talking about cannibalistic fantasies, however an actual case of cannibalism, the Armin Meiwes incident, originated on this forum. The link to his forum post is here. If you want to know a bit more about the case itself, you can check out Armin's Wikipedia page here.

Whiteenamel Website

This could classify as a game, being that it's a point and click experience, but due to it being a website I'm listing it here instead. This website is interactive and has moments meant to make the viewer jump in surprise, and also has moments to make the viewer feel unnerved or uneasy. Not a simple jumpscare website, but it is somewhat strange, and for those who scare easy it could be horrifying.